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Welcome to The Vocational College Walvis Bay

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The Vocational College of Walvis Bay (VCWB) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the International School of Walvis Bay. As such it draws upon the experience of the School in secondary education and the experience of key members of staff in vocational training and higher education. The College is designed to fill the gap between education and skills as revealed in the Namibian Skills report and its recognition of skills shortages across the board in Namibia. Although a start-up company it is fully supported by the International School of Walvis Bay in terms of management, staffing and financial matters. Documentation available upon request.

Our Mission

To enhance the economic opportunities and prosperity of youth, adults and employers through excellent, work-related education and training at a local college that is working to reduce the skills deficit in the central coastal area of Namibia.

Our Vision

  • Be supportive of the economic, social and personal development of the individuals and communities within the locality by providing access to learning opportunities at the time and place to suit the learner.
  • Be recognised locally, regionally, and nationally as a provider of high quality vocational training and education.
  • Provide cost effective vocational education to enhance the opportunities for all in Namibia.


Meet the Team

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today”

“Molcom x”