Announces Launch – 23 June 2014

Vocational College of Walvis Bay Announces Launch

By Janine de Klerk
23 June 2014

The newly established Vocational College of Walvis Bay (VCWB) is proud and excited to announce the college’s official launch in Walvis Bay! The college is a wholly owned subsidiary of the International School of Walvis Bay, a Cambridge School of Excellence.

The aim of the college is to actively address the skills gaps and shortages in Namibia as per the Namibian Skills Deficit Report of 2010. Our target market is the coastal region where large maritime, port, mining, logistics and tourism related companies operate. These companies are constantly seeking qualified and skilled employees and the college will present practical and relevant training that will equip its students will the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise to become productive contributors to the working environment.

The college will offer internationally accredited courses from the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) and the National Occupational Safety Association (NOSA) as well as the very popular International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) courses and exams. As a second phase, the college will launch tourism, maritime and transport and logistics courses towards the beginning of 2015. In light of the recently implemented VET levy, the college is in the final stages of registration and accreditation with the NTA and the NQA.

All students will be required to write an English Proficiency Test upon application. Proficient students will be able to advance to the course of their choice and an English Proficiency Programme will be offered to students who were found not competent in English.

The college is seeking the service of independent qualified trainers and assessors to teach during the afternoons and evening. A formal advertisement will be place in the newspapers towards to end of June 2014.

The college will officially open its doors for business on Wednesday, 1 July 2014 and the first set of English Proficiency Tests will be written on Friday, 11 July 2014 and training will commence in August 2014.

All enquiries can be directed to:
The Vocational College of Walvis Bay
For attention: Mrs. Janine de Klerk, Curriculum Development Director,
Address: No 11, 11th Road, Walvis Bay,
Contact Number: +264 64 207 731,
E-Mail Address: