Counselling Services

Social Counselling offered by Janie Brits

The mission of the Vocational College of Walvis Bay is to enhance the economic opportunities and prosperity of youth, adults and employers through excellent, work-related education and training at a local college that is working to reduce the skills deficit in the central coastal area of Namibia.

In an effort to support our students and / or their employers who make use of our services we offer general counselling services to help each student to reach his / her full potential.

A local registered Social Worker will be able to assist students with a variety of counselling situations including, but not limited to the following:

  • Individual counselling specialising in Play Therapy as well as Trauma Counselling
  • Group counselling in substance abuse and emotional trauma
  • Family centred counselling
  • Marriage counselling
  • Parental guidance
  • Community work
  • Community development


The field of social work is very broad therefore the services of a social worker will depend on the need within your system.

If you are an enrolled student, please feel free to contact the Curriculum Development Director, Mrs. Janine de Klerk, in writing to arrange / facilitate an appointment with the Social Worker.

E-mail Address : [email protected]
Contact Number : +264 64 207 731

Janie Brits
Social Worker
Telephone Number : +264 64 205-305
Cell Phone Number : +264 81 277 1681
E-Mail Address : [email protected]